How to Report Human Trafficking

If you believe you have identified someone still in the trafficking situation, alert law enforcement immediately at the numbers provided below. It may be unsafe to attempt to rescue a trafficking victim. You have no way of knowing how the trafficker may react and retaliate against the victim and you. If, however, you identify a victim who has escaped the trafficking situation, there are a number of organizations to whom the victim could be referred for help with shelter, medical care, legal assistance, and other critical services.

Option 1: NCAT

NCAT has a team of trained Trafficking Advocates whose role is to mentor and walk with a victim of trafficking in their journey; accessing services, receiving practical support such as transportation, advocacy within the criminal justice system and so on.

To access Trafficking Advocacy Services please call: 530-255-2017

Alternatively, you may email us at

Option 2: Redding Police Department

Trafficking is a federal crime and to report a crime, you may wish to forward information to Redding Police Department utilizing their Online Trafficking link Shascom: Redding's Online Trafficking Reporting Tool

Alternatively you may wish to contact them at 530-245-6500

Option 3: 911 Emergency

For urgent situations, notify local law enforcement immediately by calling 911

Option 4: Polaris

The National Human Trafficking Hotline for all out of state inquiries or general assistance.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888), a national 24-hour, toll-free, multilingual anti-trafficking hotline. The Hotline is equipped to handle calls from all regions of the United States from a wide range of callers including, but not limited to: potential trafficking victims, community members, law enforcement, medical professionals, legal professionals, service providers, researchers, students, and policymakers.

For further information, please also refer to their website:

Information which may be helpful in the event of a trafficking investigation:

  1. Name of person

  2. Do you believe that the person is involved with sex for sale?  

  3. What has lead you to believe that the person is involved with sex for sale?

  4. Description of the person or photo

  5. Age of person

  6. Unique identifying features (including tattoos)

  7. Transportation and licence plate number of the vehicle

  8. Name of alleged pimp

  9. Description of alleged pimp or photo

  10. Transportation and licence plate number of the vehicle

  11. Location or address

  12. Any evidence of controlling behavior

  13. Are you aware of how the two parties communicate?

  14. Do you have a record of any telephone numbers which may be relevant?

  15. Do you have a record of email addresses or social media accounts?

What to do if you believe that someone is being trafficked?

Assuming you have the opportunity to speak with a potential victim privately and without jeopardizing the victim’s safety because the trafficker is watching, here are some sample questions to ask to follow up on the red flags you became alert to:

  1. Can you leave your job if you want to?

  2. Can you come and go as you please?

  3. Have you been hurt or threatened if you tried to leave?

  4. Has your family been threatened?

  5. Do you live with your employer?

  6. Where do you sleep and eat?

  7. Are you in debt to your employer?

  8. Do you have your passport/identification? Who has it?