Foster Shasta

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The Need in Shasta County

On any given day, through no fault of their own, children are put in a position where they need a safe place to stay while a dedicated team of Children’s Services staff and community partners work with their parents to ensure their home is a safe and stable environment for them to grow and succeed. This is where resource families (also known as foster families) come in. They provide vital support to children in their time of need.

In Shasta County, we have approximately 431 children in out-of-home placement. There are not enough homes to take all of these children. Approximately 100 children have to leave our community in order to have a placement home. We especially need homes for youth 10-15.

  • The number of homes doing foster care in Shasta County: 237

  • The number of children in foster care: 431

  • The number of children placed out of Shasta County: 100

  • It is hardest to find placement for ages 12 and up.

How Can I Help?

There are several ways you can help!

  • Become a Resource Parent/Family

  • Transitional In-Home Mentor

  • Respite Care Worker

  • Supplying Needs of Resource Families

  • Become an Ambassador for the Issue

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Shasta County Foster Family Agencies

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