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Our vision is to see Northern California slavery-free.




Slavery Exists In Our Nation. 

The most common form of modern day slavery in the United States occurs as the sexual exploitation of a human being for profit of another, by means of force, fraud, or coercion. This is sex trafficking.


There are 27,000,000 slaves worldwide.

The average age of US trafficking victims is 13 years old.

2 children per minute are sold for sexual exploitation.

California has the most trafficking activity of all the states.

Source: Polaris Project

Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal enterprise - just below drug trafficking. Criminals realize this is a more profitable business because drugs can only be sold once, and humans can be sold over and over and over...


Why is this happening in Shasta County?

Sex trafficking in Shasta County functions under the laws of supply & demand, just like with any business. If there is a demand for a certain product, there will inevitably be a supply to satisfy that demand. This is a root problem as to why trafficking exists in our county. 

Below are issues that currently create a supply & demand environment in our area:


  • Drug Abuse
  • Absent Parents
  • Poverty


  • Men are willing to buy sex
  • Oversexualized culture
  • Perceived as victimless crime

What does it look like?

Sex trafficking in Shasta County takes place in a variety of forms and locations - all of which are typically facilitated through the internet. The below listed forms are all incredibly significant in our area.

How can you be a part of the response?

What is the NCAT Coalition?

We are a collective of passionate people, striving to holistically address all aspects of eradicating sex and labor trafficking in Shasta County and the surrounding region of Northern California.

We seek to educate our community about this issue as well as have intervention systems in place that bring restoration and healing to people involved–both the victim and the perpetrator. We are motivated by the reality that there are people–mostly women and children–who are in terrible situations of suffering and oppression. We aim to bring our community together–each of us playing our part to eradicate sex trafficking in our community

Our Focus

We develop a holistic strategy by targeting four focus areas:


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Want to get involved?